What do you really value?

If I got ahold of your bank statement I could instantly tell you what you value the most.

Do you agree with this statement? We all say that we value something, but I have found that if you look at anyone’s spending you will find what people truly value.

It could be anything from clothing, to giving, to car payments, to fine dining, to a large mortgage payment, to travel, or anything else.

But what do you value the most? Do the values you say you have match what it says on your bank account?

If you need help, take a look at your expenses for a given month and you will find the answer.

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4 Responses to What do you really value?

  1. Jon, I agree. Money is just an expression of our values and beliefs. That’s why its so important to track your budget…to ensure your money is following what you believe. 

    • Jon White says:

       Totally Agree Brent. I don’t know how many people I’ve worked with whose values and spending were in conflict with one another.

  2. I broadly agree with the statement but I think you have to normalize by some kind of standard budget or something.  Our biggest expense is our rent, but I don’t really think that makes us different from most other people!  (And at less than 25% of our income, it isn’t oversized, either.)

    • Jon White says:

      Great point Emily. Your “needs” for most people are going to
      take up a big chunk of your income, as it should be, but I have seen where
      people have justified turning “wants” into “needs” (like having 40% of their
      pay going to their home.)

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