When people have a problem with your financial success, that’s a reflection on their inability to succeed

Whenever we decide to make significant change in our life, whether it’s shedding a few pounds, making a career move, or changing the way you are handling your money, the more support you have the higher, the chance you will have at succeeding. The reason is simple; being around people that are encouraging and perhaps going through the same change as you will propel you to bigger and better things. But what happens when you don’t get that encouragement from someone you were counting on? Does that mean what you are doing is wrong?

When we don’t get that encouragement to persevere or even worse, get told that our effort to change is a waste of time from someone whose opinion we value, we get discouraged and want to quit. But that criticism says more about that person then it does about you.

That criticism they are leveling against you changing your life is really a reflection of their in ability to succeed in that area. They take it as a personal attack when you try to change and succeed at something. In finance it comes in the form of laughing at you when you say you are living on a budget, even though they are struggling to stay afloat each month. Or it comes when you get made fun of for driving an old car while you are paying off your credit cards and saving up to pay for a car in cash. But your friends have a nice new car, with a $350 payment, and can’t find a way to save money for retirement.

No matter who you are, criticism is hard to take, especially from those who we care about. But don’t let it stop you from living out your dreams and making change for the better. Ultimately you have let go of what others think about your financial decisions and not allow other people’s failure prevent you from getting to where you want to go.

Have you ever gotten criticism from someone you care about when trying to make changes in your life? How did you overcome that criticism?

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