When you and your spouse agree on money, you agree on your life

Love and money can be quite difficult sometimes. It can seem so difficult that it is easier sometimes to not even bother with it. But getting on the same page is worth it as it allows you to agree on your whole life!

Think about it: when you sit down and develop a budget with your spouse that you both have input on and agree with, you are planning how you will live your life. You are agreeing on how much you will give, what kind of lifestyle you will live, and what your entertainment will be. In addition, by agreeing how much you will save for retirement you are deciding what type of life you will live in your golden years and by saving money for your children and having a plan you are deciding how you will raise your children.  You see, when you agree on your spending together as a couple, you are essentially agreeing on your life!  So the next time you bring up the budget to your spouse, do not view it as a money thing, view it as a way you are going to live your life thing.

Are you and your spouse agreeing about how you are living your life? If not, talk today with your spouse and agree on your spending. Contact me today if you would like me to help you see where you stand.

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