Vlog: Why the American Dream is a Joke!

There is a lot of discussion today about the American Dream. There are a lot of opinions on what the American Dream actually is but for some it centers on acquiring “stuff” that our culture values such as homes, cars, and education. The problem with this dream is that today we can finance our “stuff” with the ease of credit and we can look like we are prospering on the outside. But on the inside it is a house of cards that cannot be sustained. So if this is not the way to live and to prosper what is?

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4 Responses to Vlog: Why the American Dream is a Joke!

  1. Jackie Walters says:

    Jon –

    What we know as the “American Dream” – it has become a joke. The “American Dream” isn’t keeping up with the Joneses. People spend more than they earn, don’t save for emergencies or their retirement. People bought more house than they could afford and spanking brand new cars. People can only blame themselves.


    • Jon White says:

      Good point Jackie. The American Dream has been morphed into this idea of “I work hard so I deserve nice things,” and so we go out and buy things we can not afford so people will think we are “winning” with money. That is not a dream, it is a mirage. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This is such an important message Jon.

    It’s funny, even though I’m fully aware of the tendency for many people to buy things on credit and finance their lives away, I still find myself thinking that families have accumulated wealth based on their external show of “stuff.” This is even though I know better!

    It just goes to show what a lifetime of programming can do our perception of reality when it comes to money. 99% of the time, those with the most toys are those with most debt and the least wealth.

    • Jon White says:

      Jenny I agree, when I see people on the road driving nice vehicles or think of the people who are living in the nice neighborhoods I always assume they are doing well financially. Now are they? Who knows, but it is funny how we have been trained to believe that being wealthy means you have all the nice toys when in reality anybody can have those toys if someone lends them the money. 🙂

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