Friday Financial Tidbit-You can leave your bank at any time

First it was Bank of America charging to use their debit card. Then it was Citi deciding to raise their monthly minimum balances to avoid a fee. Seems like every bank is raising their fees everywhere you look. Granted, they are a business and are allowed to charge these fees to make a profit. But you, however, have the right to switch to a different bank if you so choose.

If you feel like you are being taken advantage of by one of these mega-banks then find a better one! I have written before about how I have taken my business to the local community bank and credit union, mostly for the reward checking accounts. Not only do I get better deals and lower, if any, fees but I also get better customer service.

So what about you? I put a poll on the Facebook site asking your opinion of the Mega Banks. Remember you,the customer, have the right to choose where you want to take your business. If you don’t mind the increasing fees then stay. But if you do have a problem with it, take the steps today to do business with a bank that you feel comfortable with and can trust.

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